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Holiday Coping Strategies Virtual Discussion

2020 has been a challenging year in so many ways, and it isn’t over yet.  In this session we will discuss the sense of loss that is facing many of us during this holiday season.  The loss can be the result of death, physical distance or social distance; the pandemic adds a layer of complication to an already complicated time of year.  We miss people.  We miss our rituals.  We miss our life-before-COVID-19.  
Mercedes Bern-Klug will facilitate a discussion about how to recognize the sense of loss in ourselves and in others, and consider ways to respond to the loss during the holiday season.  Please join us on December 4th at 11am.
This virtual event is free to attend.  You must register at the following link:

Mercedes Bern-Klug is the Director of the University of Iowa School of Social Work and of the Aging and Longevity Studies Program. Her research is in long-term care and advance chronic illness and includes working with family members who share medical decision-making responsibilities with nursing home residents. She is a former Alzheimer support group leader and an Honoring Your Wishes facilitator.

This event is sponsored by the Johnson County Livable Community Caregiver Action Team.